• TAWANG - a Paradise threatened by Mega Dam Projects

    • Tawang has One of the Largest & Oldest Buddhist Monastery in Asia and is The Birth Place of 6th Dalai lama.

    • Black Neck Siberian Crane

    • The Planned Hydro Power Projects are Going to Threaten The Life of Endangered Bird Species and Other Rare Species

    • The Deadly Power Projects

    • The Dams Poses Risk of Environmental Catastrophe Due to Long Term Seismic Potential of Earthquake

Save Tawang is a campaign to save a heaven like place called Tawang and its people.

Tawang a small district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh India and home to more than 40,000 Monpa Himalayan Tribes is shaken by the State Government opening flood gates of hydropower projects.

These projects threaten the very existence of people, their culture and the environment including the habitat of endangered species like the Black Neck Siberian Crane. It is also posing great risk of environmental catastrophe due to long term seismic potential of earthquake impacting on the dams in this top zone.